Warm Chicken & Avocado Salad


This chicken and avocado salad is a jack of all trades, so to speak. It’s rich in multiple nutrients – such as Vitamin C, E, K, folate and B6 – plus loads of lean protein, healthy fats and fibre. Being both nourishing and easy to make, it’s become my go-to, fuss-free recipe for a quick lunch or dinner.

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Baked Salmon Loaf With Dill & Cucumber Salad


Forget about the meatloaf, today I’m going to share with you a different kind of protein baked goodness. Let me introduce my super delicious baked salmon loaf. It’s made with canned salmon  – so it’s super budget friendly – and will make even the most anti-tinned-fish-eaters think twice. Served with a refreshing, saucy dill and cucumber salad, this is a

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Cleansing Spinach & Leek Soup


This beautiful, rich green soup is packed with all the good stuff! The recipe is from my friend Claire Yates’s book Optimal Health The Paleo Way and it’s perfect number to add to your rejuvenating recipes box. It’s a lovely cleansing meal – perfect for those days when you feel like having something light and

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