Raw Beetroot Salad With Walnut Dressing & Goat’s Cheese


We all have that one little healthy eating trick that we like to share around with friends and family. Besides having a daily glass of lemon water, I try to have a raw vegetable dish every day. Sometimes it’s just a few raw vegetable sticks with a dip but usually I have a big, crunchy salad with

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The ultimate guide to raw cacao – powder, butter, nibs, nutritional benefits & uses


What is cacao? Cacao is known as the food (or drink) of the Gods!  It has been traced back to the Maya people who were thought to be the first to cultivate the cacao plant around 400AD.  The plant that is recognised today is actually a result of cross selection that started over 35,000 years

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20 Awesome Spiralizer Recipes To Try Today


I love my spiralizer! It makes preparing vegetables quick, easy, and fun plus a little different to slicing and dicing. There’s also something very attractive about a pile of colourful vegetable spirals. Fruit and vegetable noodles can be used to make delicious raw salads, as a low carb pasta, noodle or rice replacement, added to stir fries,

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Guest Recipe: Rainbow Superfood Salad With Basil Dressing


Hello Eat Drink Paleo readers! I’m tremendously excited to be sharing this vibrant happy inducing salad with you today. I’m Chantelle and I write the paleo food blog Naked Cuisine. To me, food should be made with real unprocessed ingredients aka naked, stripped of all falsity, cover up, modified corn solids and all that nastiness.

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