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1 Week, 7 Paleo Breakfasts


paleo breakfast

Whenever I tell people about the Paleo diet, one of the first questions I get is “What do you eat for breakfast?”.  I don’t know about you but I wake up feeling rather ravenous and in need of something tasty. Here, I’ve documented seven days of Paleo friendly breakfasts that I regularly eat – from quick smoothies on the go to oven-baked eggs on the weekend.

Are you ready? Here we go:

Monday – Mushroom & red capsicum omelette with avocado coriander salad.


The secret to making a quick yet delicious breakfast in the morning is to prepare everything you need the night before. While cooking dinner, one of us will usually pre-chop onion, mushrooms, red capsicum and most of the salad stuff except for avocado, to keep it fresh. Then in the morning, all I have to do is heat a frying pan with some ghee or coconut oil and throw in onion, mushrooms, and capsicum to sauté on medium heat for a few minutes. In the meantime, I whisk the eggs (3 whole and 2-3 egg whites, plus some sea salt) and slice avocado for the salad. I then pour the whisked eggs in the frying pan and let the whole thing cook for 5 minutes, on medium heat, or until cooked almost all the way through. I then fold the omelette in half and slice in three parts. I dress the salad with lemon juice, sea salt and olive oil. All up it takes 15 minutes and you have a lovely breakfast on the table.

Tuesday – Sunny side up eggs with crispy bacon, sauerkraut and kale.

7 paleo breakfasts

Again, prepare as much as you can the night before. In this case I pre-trimmed the bacon and washed and chopped the kale leaves. I fry bacon in some ghee or coconut oil until crispy, then do the eggs in the same frying pan and finish off with kale sautéed with some lemon juice, olive oil and sea salt. I eat sauerkraut drizzled with olive oil, it’s full of probiotics which are great for keeping your gut flora in tact.

Wednesday – Strawberry Margarita. Just kidding!


WednesdayStrawberry Coconut Smoothie plus a little protein on the side such as some turkey slices, cooked chicken or salmon. Otherwise you can add some whey or egg white protein powder . We do eat a lot of eggs  and it can get pretty boring. Plus, this is super quick to make!

7 paleo breakfasts

Thursday – Egg omelette with gluten free chicken sausage, sauerkraut and cherries.

7 paleo breakfasts

Make omelette as per Monday. Chicken sausage can be cooked the night before so you can quickly reheat it in the morning. Fresh cherries or berries are a great little addition.

Friday – Full fat Greek yogurt with cherries, banana, coconut flakes and toasted cashews or macadamia nuts.

paleo breakfasts banana_cherry_yogurt

I eat a little good kind of dairy so yogurt often makes an appearance on my breakfast menu. It’s another way to get a good dose of probiotics in your tummy. If you avoid dairy, use coconut cream or milk instead (refrigerate overnight so the cream separates from the water). Another good alternative is goat’s or sheep’s milk yogurt as it tends to cause less problems due to lower lactose levels. This meal consists of 4 tablespoons of unsweetened, full fat Greek yogurt, a handful of cherries with pips out, 1/2 sliced banana, 1 tablespoon of coconut flakes, 1 tablespoon of toasted cashews. Press cherries down with a knife, like crashing a garlic clove, and the pips will easily come out. You can toast and crash a container full of cashews on the weekend so they’re ready to be used whenever you need.

Saturday – Baked eggs with chorizo & mushrooms.

paleo breakfasts

Weekends are all about home brewed coffee and lazy breakfasts. If we don’t go out to forage our morning meal, I often make baked eggs with different tomato bases. You can do a simple tomato, olive  and basil base or fatten it up with chorizo, bacon, mushrooms and other goodies. You can try this Moroccan baked eggs tagine.

Sunday – A fry up of crispy bacon, garlic mushrooms and eggs.

paleo breakfasts

Look at the colour of those yolks! That’s what you get with eggs from happy chooks. This one is pretty simple – bacon first, then mushrooms in some butter, garlic and lemon juice, followed by eggs. Keep your oven on to keep the bacon and mushrooms warm while finishing off the eggs.

If you’re sick of eggs by Sunday, why not try my cauliflower & broccoli fritters.


There you go, seven days worth of easy, delicious Paleo breakfasts. Yes, we eat a lot of eggs but there are many other options such as smoothies, mushrooms, vegetable fritters, smoked salmon with sweet potato rosti, coconut flour pancakes or fruit salads with coconut cream and nuts.  Need more breakfast ideas? – check out recipes in my Breakfast section

To make sure you always have ingredients on hand, add these to your regular shopping list: free range eggs (of course), bacon, mushrooms, onion, red capsicum, avocado, kale, spinach, cauliflower, tomatoes, zucchini, sweet potato, sausages, smoked salmon, coconut flour, almond meal, coconut milk, coconut cream, yogurt, ricotta and halloumi cheeses if you allow dairy, nuts, fresh and frozen berries, fruit, fresh herbs, olive oil, macadamia oil, ghee, coconut oil, egg white or goat whey protein powder for quick protein based smoothies. You can also make or get sauerkraut, salsa, pesto, aioli, and so on.

What’s your typical Paleo breakfast? Do you make a special weekend breakfast in your house?

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  1. Great recipes and great outlook on the diet :)
    Do you make your own sauerkraut ? If not what’s the best one to buy? I’m in Queensland ,

    Thanks heaps

  2. Thank you so much for the recipes & all the Paleo support your site offers me. I feel inspired.
    Thanks Again,


  3. Wow!!! I am very excited seeing the pictures you have posted for the whole 7 days in a week. It would be great if i go on with this time table. Great recipes!!! Thanks for the share!!!

  4. Thank you for the awesome recipes! I’m doing a 30 day Paleo challenge at the moment and I love trying new recipes. It has been challenging, but awesome at the same time. Your breakfast recipes look so appetizing.

  5. Hello! I was wondering whether you have any recipes for workday breakfasts – i.e. on-the-go/quick breakfasts?


  6. Hey thanks for the inspiration… been trying to cut out gluten and breakfast is the hardest.

    One thing I’ve found that works really well is using mason jars and prepping a few days worth at the same time. Baked eggs are great – do everything in the oven, pop it in the fridge, then you can just heat them up for a minute in the microwave the next day. They look great too, for you photography minded folk.

  7. I wish there were some paleo breakfasts without eggs! I got sick of eggs after 2 weeks of being paleo. Plus a lot of people are allergic to eggs!

  8. hi

    love your work! :)

    just wondering where can I find a healthy greek yogurt?
    which brand? where?

    same question for coconut milk, where and what kind should I buy.
    what sort of full fat cream do you reccommend?eg, for coffee

    thank you!!

    1. Hi, I’m not sure where you live but I get full fat, natural, unsweetened yogurt. I like Barambah Organics, although I can only find reduced fat unsweetened yogurt from that brand but it tastes amazing and with no added sugar. Farmer’s Union is our staple as I can get it at Coles and it’s super creamy. This is a good article on some Australian found brands

      With coconut milk and cream, Ayam brand is hands down the best in consistency, colour, taste and no nasty additives. You can find it in most shops.

      Full fat cream – Jersey Milk cream is amazing as is anything from Tasmania. Look for signs of how and where the cows are raise and that should give an indication of how good the cream will be.

  9. Angie I do this too, except I blend mine up first to make a smooth batter as I find mixing the banana and eggs by hand can leave clumps of banana… not that there’s anything wrong with that :)

    I love making these pancakes so quick and easy and the banana gives enough sweetness along with the cinnamon that you don’t really need to add any other sweetener on top :)

  10. This is a great post to keep revisiting for breakfast inspiration! Thanks you :)

    I have another idea to add to that list which has all the goodness, protein and satiety that eggs bring at a breakfast meal but also satisfies my craving for sweeter foods to start the day.

    2-3 eggs whisked
    1 banana, ripe – I usually buy the reject 99c banana’s that are a bit brown, peel them, chop and freeze in discs to add to smoothies etc. Take some of them out the night before to defrost in the fridge. Yes they go a bit brown but still taste delicious.
    A LOT of cinnamon

    Mix it all together, pop into a pan with some coconut oil, leave until brown, then sort of flip over like a pancake.

    This is heaven on a plate! And really satisfies a craving for something sweet (think it is the smell of cinnamon that makes me happy…). I usually have mine with a combination of any of the following: drizzle of coconut milk, handful of frozen berries, almonds/almond butter, squeeze of lime juice.

    Such a great start to the day :)

  11. Yyyyyuuuuummmmmm!!!!!!!! I’m just starting out eating Paleo as I’ve come to realise that I just eat waaaay too much carbs. I was having my doubts about breakfasts but I am now completely convinced that it can be just as yummy, actually it’s even yummier than my breakfasts now!
    Thank you for posting up some awesome recipes!

  12. As anyone any ideas what to have for breakfast – when I can’t have eggs, capsicum, dairy or grains? (having several autoimmune disorders)?

  13. Bacon and cheese are not paleo, there were no cheese maker/ pig curer hunter and gatherers, cows were not yet domesticated, nor is modern bacon fed or cured in a healthy way and cheese is now highly processed also. As regards the paleo world I would like to see some Australian ingredient recipe books available, no tinned products or any processed foods masquerading as paleo or even half healthy, with fresh seasonal produce only, preferably the kind that can be grown in your own garden, and some bush tucker ingredients. That would be the closest to paleo and a healthy diet we could all get

    1. Look, I agree that bacon and cheese are not strictly Paleolithic foods but then again I don’t think we’re trying to re-enact the Paleolethic era here. That’s not really the point of the Paleo diet in my view. You might as well take out olive and coconut oils and even many of the vegetables that didn’t exist in that era. The reality is that most people are not able to eat 100% unprocessed food all the time as it is simply not practical enough to keep this way of eating sustainable long term. I for sure think that bacon and cheese are better choices than a piece of white sliced bread out of a plastic packet. If including them in my diet means that I can easily maintain it, then I choose to do so.

      As for Australian ingredients recipes, I am working on as many seasonal, fresh produce recipes as possible and I totally agree there should be more out there :)

    2. Regarding Dairy products, Archaeologists, have proven that Cheese was on the menu back then, by using the latest DNA technology!

      The article was released in the naturescience timemagazine ” Nature “.

      Even Bacon could be on the menu, there were clear access to Salts, and yeah, they did learn to make smoke ;)

  14. Yum, can’t wait to make the eggs and chorizo.. It is hard to think of anything other than a quick omelette some mornings! Maybe you could also post some workday lunches? This is the other one I really struggle for inspiration most days.

    1. Work lunches are on the way for sure. When I worked in the office, it was always a struggle unless I was prepared.

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