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20 Awesome Spiralizer Recipes To Try Today



I love my spiralizer! It makes preparing vegetables quick, easy, and fun plus a little different to slicing and dicing. There’s also something very attractive about a pile of colourful vegetable spirals. Fruit and vegetable noodles can be used to make delicious raw salads, as a low carb pasta, noodle or rice replacement, added to stir fries, soups, latkes, or pancakes. You can even make baked treats like sweet potato curly fries, onion rings, or crispy apple chips.

What can I spiralize?

You can spiralize all kinds of veggies: zucchini/courgettes (known in the spiralizing world as “zoodles” or “courgetti”), carrots, cucumbers, sweet potato, pumpkin, beetroot, radish, turnips, even onions, cabbage and that broccoli stem you never know what to do with. You can also spiralize firmer fruits like apple and pear. The possibilities are endless (well, almost – a tomato won’t work) so get creative.

To get you started here are some of my favourite spiralizer recipes to inspire you. But before we start…

Which spiralizer should I get?

I use the classic Paderno spiralizer which I love, but there are many others on the market.


Don’t have a spiralizer?

If you haven’t yet invested in a spiralizer, don’t worry. You can use a julienne, mandolin, or a plain old vegetable peeler (you’ll get ribbons rather than spaghetti). If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can even recreate the same effect by slicing the vegetables thinly with a sharp knife.

How to use a spiralizer such as Paderno brand?

When using something like a zucchini or sweet potato, choose a straight, thick vegetable so it stays centred when fitted between two ends of the spirazlizer, and to make sure the noodles don’t get cut too short. Here is a little video on how to use the Paderno spiralizer, the same one I have at home, to make zucchini noodles, potato curly fries and apple chips.

Spiralized Salads & Raw Dishes

1. Raw Beetroot Salad with Walnut Dressing, Carrot & Goat’s Cheese


2. Celeriac Pasta with Walnut and Apple Sauce from Tales of A Kitchen


3. Raw Carrot pasta with Ginger Lime and Peanut Sauce from The Roasted Root

4. Greek Salad with Cucumber Noodles from Two Peas and Their Pod

Spiralized Pastas & Noodles

Craving a warming pasta or your favourite noodle soup? Cut down the carbs and satisfy your craving by using veggie noodles instead.

5. Prawn Arrabbiata with Zucchini Noodles from Eat Drink Paleo

Spiralizer recipes zucchini noodles

6. Chicken and Chickpea Broccoli Pasta from Inspiralized

Omit the chickpeas if following a legume free paleo diet, otherwise make sure to presoak them well before cooking.


Making noodles from the stem of a broccoli (which sometimes gets discarded) is a great way to use up the whole head of broccoli without wasting anything. Because of their firm texture, broccoli noodles (‘boodles’?) make a great substitute for pasta or noodles.

7. Slutty Low-Carb Pasta all Puttanesca from The Londoner

Use some nutritional yeast flakes instead of Parmesan, if avoiding all dairy.


8. Zucchini fettuccine with Rosemary Butternut Creme Sauce from In Sonnet’s Kitchen


9. Zoodles and Meatballs from Nom Nom Paleo

10. Butternut Squash Noodles in Sage Butter from Boulder Locavore


11. Daikon Noodle Soup with Broccolini and Asian Pork Meatballs from Inspiralized

12. Ginger Zucchini Noodle Egg Drop Soup from Snixy Kitchen


13. Spiralized Zucchini with Garlic, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Lemon and Parmesan from Chimera Obscura

Baked/Warm Dishes

14. Sweet Potato Noodle Buns from Inspiralized


15. Baked Sweet Potato Curly Fries from The Housewife in Training Files

16. Savoury Latkes (potato pancakes) from the Overtime Cook

This recipe calls for flour, so substitute a gluten free flour, arrowroot or tapioca depending on your diet. You can also leave it out as the eggs will bind the mixture. If you are ok with dairy you can also add some grated cheddar for cheesy goodness.

Sweet & Breakfast

17. Coconut Plantain “Rice” Pudding from Inspiralized


18. Apple Noodles with Cinnamon and Toasted Coconut from Hashtag Paleo

19. Sweet Potato Noodle Waffles (sweet potaffle)  from Inspiralized

20. Savoury Parsnip Noodle Chive Waffles (Parsnaffles)  from Inspiralized


What’s you favourite way to use a spiralizer? Share your ideas in the comments.

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  1. I thought the beetroot salad with walnuts looked really appealing. When I tried to print the recipe it listed 9 pages for an A4 document. Another acre of rainforest for a easy recipe. I have just bought a spiraliser and I thought several of your recipes sounded good but I don’t want pages upon pages of irrelevant adverts.

  2. Just bought a spiralizer for my kitchen aid mixer can’t wait to use. Was inspired by looking at all the neat recipes, thanks for sharing.

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