ricotta caramelised pear paleo

Ricotta & Caramelised Pear with Poppy Seed Yogurt

Recipe: Ricotta & caramelised pear with poppy seed yogurt This dish of caramelised pear and creamy ricotta is lush and satiating. I wouldn’t have this every day as it’s a little naughty – yes dairy, yes honey – but when I need a break from eggs for breakfast or I am ravenous after a workout,

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stuffed zucchini paleo

Lamb Mince Stuffed Zucchini with Romesco sauce

Recipe: Lamb mince stuffed zucchini with Romesco sauce I wanted to make something different with zucchinis, or courgettes to some, as they are cheap and plentiful in Australia this time of year. I’ve made lots of other stuffed vegetables like eggplant, cabbage and red peppers but I’ve never used zucchini as a vehicle. This is a

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paleo recipe carrot salad

Lightly Pickled Carrot Salad with Mint & Coriander Seeds

Recipe: Pickled carrot salad with coriander & mint When I lived in Ukraine I used to love going to our local markets to get a hot dog  with this amazing pickled grated carrot inside the bun. I am pretty sure I didn’t care about the hot dog itself but I really loved the carrot. After

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