Balsamic Roasted Fennel with Cashews

Recipe: Balsamic roasted fennel with cashew nuts How many of you ignore the funny looking fennel bulbs at the markets because you’re not too sure what to do with them? I did once upon a time. Most of the time you will find fennel bulbs, also known as Florence fennel, served raw in salads. It

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Chicken Larb Salad with Red Cabbage

This chicken larb salad is like Pop Rocks Candy with layers of textures and amazing punchy flavours that unravel in your mouth with each bite. Originating in Laos and evolving through neighbouring cuisines, this salad is made with different types of minced meat, fish sauce, lots of fresh lime juice, chilli and raw vegetables. Herbs

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Cauliflower Broccoli & Halloumi Fritters with Coriander Aioli

Recipe: Cauliflower broccoli halloumi fritters with coriander aioli These cauliflower and broccoli fritters are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cauliflower and broccoli provide lots of fibre and vitamins, while eggs and cheese will inject your body with a dose of protein. I am using halloumi cheese which is traditionally made from sheep’s and goat’s

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5 reasons to eliminate grains from diet Paleo

5 Reasons Grains Are Not Your Friends

Full infographic can be found here Transitioning to Paleo way of eating can be hard because the first thing you’re asked to eliminate is grains. For many, grain-based products are a staple and the thought of avoiding pasta, bread and rice seems crazy, impractical and unsustainable long term. It takes a while to overcome the

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