Warm Chicken & Avocado Salad

This chicken and avocado salad is a jack of all trades, so to speak. It’s rich in multiple nutrients – such as Vitamin C, E, K, folate and B6 – plus loads of lean protein, healthy fats and fibre. Being both nourishing and easy to make, it’s become my go-to, fuss-free recipe for a quick lunch or dinner.

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Baked Salmon Loaf With Dill & Cucumber Salad

Forget about the meatloaf, today I’m going to share with you a different kind of protein baked goodness. Let me introduce my super delicious baked salmon loaf. It’s made with canned salmon  – so it’s super budget friendly – and will make even the most anti-tinned-fish-eaters think twice. Served with a refreshing, saucy dill and cucumber salad, this is a

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Korean Style Spicy Chicken (Paleo & GF)

This recipe is a total winner and will please both chicken and chilli lovers. It’s inspired by the ever-so-popular Korean Fried Chicken (a different kind of KFC), which is crispy deep-fried chicken smothered in a sauce made with gochujang paste (more on this one later). This is a healthier version: A) we’re not deep-frying the chicken in dodgy

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