Wait? Has something changed?

Hello dear readers, For those of you who have visited Eat Drink Paleo before, the website will look somewhat different. I know, I know – you all loved the old design. So did I! The blackboard, the chalk lettering, those tomatoes and rhubarb in the background, my bright blue dress – it was very fun but it

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Scallop Lollipops With Prosciutto & Maple

Lollipops for grown ups is what I imagined when I was making these juicy, prosciutto wrapped, maple and lime glazed scallops. These bite size balls of happiness are perfect as a starter for your next dinner party or as finger food to go with cocktails. I also love them as a little fancy weekend lunch with a

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Paleo Journeys with Lucy Lichtenstein

Today’s Paleo Journeys guest is Lucy Lichtenstein from Feed Me – Real Food Co. I first met Lucy  a couple of years ago at the Low Carb Down Under conference in Sydney. We have since been catching up for a coffee or lunch whenever we’re in the same city and chatting about our experiences and views on this

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