Creamed Spinach (Paleo, Dairy-Free Recipe)

Whenever you visit a steak restaurant, you’re guaranteed to find creamed spinach on the menu. Enveloped in luxuriously rich cream, this side dish is a sure winner when it comes to meat and veg pairing. My paleo creamed spinach is dairy-free, and even though it might sound strange to make it with coconut cream, it actually

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My Favourite Beetroot Walnut & Prune Dip

Ok guys, this beetroot dip is off the hook!!! It’s made with liver-loving beetroot, heart-healthy walnuts and magnesium-rich prunes, and it’s one of those classic Ukrainian dishes that I have loved since childhood. My sister used to make it – sometimes as a dip, and sometimes as a salad – and I am finally posting a

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Ensalada Rusa – Spanish Take On A Classic Potato Salad

I should be posting a recipe for the original Russian potato salad (also known as Olivier or Debev) –  especially since I’ve eaten it since I was about 2 years old – but I am actually sharing a Spanish adaptation instead.  The Spaniards call it simply Ensalada Rusa (Russian Salad), however they make it slightly differently. They add

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Is Aloe Vera Juice Good For You?

What is aloe vera juice? The Aloe is a succulent plant belonging to the Liliaceal family, which is most widely known for the clear gel that is found in the leaves – commonly known as aloe vera gel.  This gel is primarily used in skin conditioning agents that sooth irritated, wounded or sun burnt skin.

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