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Celebrating New Website


Today I’m very happy to announce the rebirth of Eat Drink Paleo website. After months of slowly chipping away at it and producing less content than usual as a result,  I am now proud to reveal the new look and feel, including my new logo, some new functionality and lots of new content.

The vision for the site hasn’t changed – I am still focusing on developing delicious paleo and primal recipes and inspiring you guys to eat better food and live a healthier life. But I really wanted to bring more value to the website – more resources, tools, guides and easier way to find what you’re looking for.

Irey’s Kitchen is where you find all my recipes and anything food and cooking related. You can filter content by categories or search for a specific ingredient or cuisine. Now that I have launched the new site I will be cooking and shooting more recipes for you all.

Lifestyle section features content around fitness, travel, shopping, stress management and usual day to day activities you can apply paleo principles to. I have a lot more content coming up – a starter guide to barefoot running, more eating out guides, and tips on how to improve your sleep, to mention a few.

Make sure to check out my Resources section for quick overviews, guides and recommendations around paleo and primal living. I have lots of awesome stuff coming – farmers markets guide, fish and seafood sustainability guide, and where to find the best meat suppliers.

One of the new functionalities is a handy tool Is It Paleo? (on the homepage). Yeah, yeah, I know some guys in the US have beat me to it and launched a similar app in the last couple of weeks but I’ve been working on this for a while and I hope you find it useful when wondering about certain foods. I have over 1000 items in the database and I am adding more every day. I will capture anything that’s missing so over time it should be pretty complete. And if you disagree with anything, let me know and we can debate about it on Facebook  or Twitter ;)

Of course I couldn’t do this alone.

Thank you everyone who’s been supporting me since I quit my job to take on this adventure of starting and building Eat Drink Paleo. My flatmates for giving me honest feedback on everything I cook; my awesome boyfriend for making me feel confident and secure; my friends and family for sharing and re-tweeting my posts when nobody else will.

The biggest thank you has to go to friends who helped me build this site. Marcus Stenbeck and Maria Granadino from Binalogue – you are the most amazing web wizards and I owe you a massive dinner party, thank you for all your hard work on building the new website. Carla Hackett – thank you darling for you magic skills with hand-lettering, illustration, branding and art direction advice from the moment we started brainstorming ideas. Thank you Danielle Szetho and Simon Wright for navigating me through design waters and providing constructive feedback along the way.

Thank you all my readers, fellow foodies, cooks, health and nutrition nuts, and web nerds for visiting my site and trying my recipes. I have lots of other exciting things coming up but for now I hope you enjoy my new site and all upcoming content. Let me know what you think or if you notice any mistakes (I do write a lot of stuff late at night so you’re bound to find typos). I appreciate your support and your feedback.

p.s. It’s my birthday today!

p.p.s I am also working on a digital cookbook which I hope to publish early next year. Stay tuned!

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  1. New site looks FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work gorgeous… won’t be long before you will need to hire an assistant to field all the marketing/advertising requests for you!!! xoxox

  2. An already-amazing paleo resource made now even more amazing! congratulations on all of the hard work. I look forward to many more inspirational posts and ideas. Thank you!


  3. Wow…I am super excited about your is fantastic to see Australia finally catch on to the Paleo lifestyle and hopefully through your website we can continue to encourage Aussie families to accept the paleo lifestyle and unite. With doctors, nutritionists etc
    I have no words of feedback except that your website goes beyond expectation…love the various tabs and features…this is going straight to bookmarksin my browser!

  4. Congrats the site looks amazing. And happy birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    i love the new features. I’ve already looked for things! Yay!

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