•  Over 110 nutritious, real food, paleo friendly recipes 
  • Easy to follow guide to paleo and healthy cooking 
  • Hearty feasts, healthy snacks and cheeky treats

Available around the world (see list below)

Why This Cookbook Is For You

  • You like good food - eating it, cooking it and drooling over pictures of it.
  • You want something damn tasty, that’s also really good for you.
  • You understand the importance of eating well for health and wellbeing.
  • You’re trying to lose weight or you’re gluten or wheat intolerant.
  • You’re intrigued by this paleo diet everyone’s talking about.
  • You’re a paleo expert already and looking for something fresh.
  • You want to make food that’s healthy without being boring, bland or too restrictive.

Take A Sneak Peak Inside

All recipes are free from grains, gluten, processed sugar and other no-nos of the paleo philosophy. Far from being restrictive, they showcase the rich flavours, varied ingredients and fun, inventive cooking that can be enjoyed as part of the paleo lifestyle.

Peppered with personal stories and with a realistic approach (even I can't deny the occasional 'naughty' sweet or a little dairy), the book takes home-cooks on a real-food journey from breakfast (hazelnut pancakes with blood orange syrup, anyone?) through to dessert (did you say chilli chocolate mousse?).

Super-tasty dinners (hello, pulled-pork tacos), glamorous garden produce (zucchini carbonara… there is a god!), sauces and sides (mayo, dressings, butters), easy entertaining recipes (I'll have oysters five ways, thanks!) and tasty tipples (mmm… lychee lemongrass sangria…) all await to blow your mind, no matter if you're paleo follower or a curious connoisseur. 

Complete with an introduction to paleo nutrition and philosophy; a handy inventory of foods to focus on and avoid; and user-friendly recipes and measurements, Eat Drink Paleo Cookbook is a must-have for the modern-day hunter-gatherer.

Where to find my cookbook

Eat Drink Paleo is published in many countries. Let me know if you can't find it where you are.


The cookbook is available online and from most major book stores, Big W, David Jones, Costco, Paleo Cafe and more.

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The UK edition is available on Amazon.co.uk, Waterstones, Whole Foods and other retailers.

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The US edition is available from Amazon, and major book stores.

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Germany: Das Paleo Kochbuch

The Netherlands: Het Paleo Kookboek

In Portugese: Livro De Risetas Paleo

Spain (English version): Amazon.es

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