eBook Download Instructions

You have downloaded an ebook and now have a .pdf file. Now what?

You can read it on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free. Just Google it. Alternatively, your PC will decide which default application should open the file.

If you want to read it on your mobile device, your best option is to get the Adobe Reader app for your Android, Kindle or Apple device. These applications will read the file for you!

Transfer the file to your device using your preferred method (email it to yourself, put it in your Dropbox, drag and drop onto your Android or Kindle device when attached to a computer), and you’ll be able to launch the file yourself in the app!

If downloading the ebook file from your email download link straight to your Apple device such as iPhone or iPad, the file will usually download and open within the Safari browser, unless you have set otherwise. Once the file is open in the browser, all you have to do is mouse over the top right corner of the screen until you see an option to ‘Open file in’ or ‘Open in’ and a drop down. The best option is to choose iBooks, which will add the ebook file to your iBooks library where you can find it every time you come back. iBooks reads PDF files beautifully.

But what if you already use the Kindle App for your ebooks, and want to keep using it there (either on a native Kindle, or through the Androidor Apple app)? Well, the easiest way to transfer this file is to email it to your Kindle! First, you have to find your Kindle email address. Go to the Manage Your Devices page on Amazon and find the device you want to send to. On that device’s tab, you’ll find it’s unique email address. Then, simply attach the pdf file to an email to that account! The next time your device is connected to the internet, it will download that file! The ebook will now be found under “Personal Documents”!

We hope these tips help you to read our eBooks on your devices with no issues.

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