Egg Muffins with Onion Salami & Halloumi

egg muffins paleo recipe

Recipe: Egg Muffins with Onion, Salami & Halloumi

I was treated to these yummy egg muffins by my lovely boyfriend, whom I’m slowly converting to my paleo way of eating (Shhhh!). He came up with the recipe and prepared all the ingredients the night before so all we had to do this morning is add the eggs and bake the muffins while we were getting ready. If you need a tasty and filling on-the-go snack, these are easy to carry around in a container or wrapped in foil.

Cooking notes: We use a silicon muffin tray, which is great for removing baked muffins easily. You can use individual cases or a standard muffin tray. The halloumi cheese can be replaced with mushrooms or red peppers if you’re avoiding dairy completely.


  • 6 eggs
  • 1 cup of diced salami
  • 2/3 cup of diced halloumi cheese (look for sheep’s or goat’s milk varieties)
  • 1 medium white onion, peeled and diced
  • A good pinch of sea salt
  • Some cracked pepper
  • 2 tbsp olive oil


  1. Sautee onion in olive oil until soft and golden. Remove from a frying pan to a container.
  2. Pan fry halloumi cheese on both sides until goden brown crust forms. Remove to the same container as the onion.
  3. Add diced salami to the mix and set aside until cooking time.
  4. If you’re preparing the muffin filling the same morning as baking, turn the oven on before you start frying the onion. Otherwise, pre-heat the oven to 170C when you get up in the morning.
  5. Whisk 6 eggs together. Spray baking muffin moulds with olive oil or rub some coconut oil or ghee on the sides and bottom. Divide the salami and halloumi filling between 6 moulds. Pour in equal amounts of whisked eggs and stir each muffin case with a fork. Place on the middle shelf of the oven and bake at 170C for about 20-25 minutes or until the muffins have risen and firmed up on the top.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 25 minutes

Number of servings: 3


  1. Rebecca says

    I have a question about halloumi cheese, I live in a small town and I have no access to halloumi cheese. I have looked online but I am unsure of the quality and leary of the shipping methods for a perishable, not to mention the high cost. Is there a replacement cheese that I could use. My husband really misses cheese and I think I could use a small amount of some other kind of cheese. Do you have a suggestion.

    • Irena says

      I would make these without the halloumi and instead grate some cheddar or parmesan over the top once you’ve poured in the egg mixture. You’ll get a nice cheesy crust on the top.

    • imacri says

      Absolutely! You can add whatever you like to do – sun-dried tomatoes, pan-fried mushrooms, ham, smoked salmon etc.

  2. Shan says

    I’m currently looking for an interesting way to do eggs for breakfast for my boyfriend and this one sounds great! I’m curious about a couple of things though – are the eggs runny in the middle when cooked this way, or fluffy and firm? He doesn’t like runny eggs so just want to check this. Also, I would have thought self raising flour or something similar would be needed to help these rise, but it doesn’t look like this is the case?

    Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  3. Sarah says

    How long do these last in the refrigerator? Can they be frozen if made in batches? Cooking for 1 paleo dieter and looking for some batch recipes that won’t end up in the bin!

    • imacri says

      Hi Sarah,

      I find they are best when fresh. You can keep them in fridge overnight for sure but I wouldn’t freeze these.


  4. Nicole says

    This is one for my favourite recipes. I changed the salami for bacon and added grated zucchini. I have a very fussy 3 year old and by putting these into cupcake patties, and calling them egg cakes, she will eat them like crazy. I’ve also added steamed broccoli and cooked it as a frittata from time to time. A great recipe! Thank you

    • imacri says

      That’s great to hear. My boyfriend is a little like a fussy 3 year old (shhh!) but he loves the egg muffins. Probably because he came up with the recipe originally. I should try adding more vegetables to ours. We seriously have these at least once a week. Irena

    • imacri says

      Hey Lauren, it is often thought that way but paleo is more of a template than a strict set of rules for most people. There are many offshoots like Primal and more flexible approaches to nutrition. Good quality salami is just dried cured meat, similar to jerky and bacon, which are widely accepted within the paleo communities. Dairy is another tricky one. A lot of people avoid it all together, especially if they have a serious gluten intolerance because lactose/caseins can cross-react. For others, including certain cheeses and full fat yogurt (sugar-free) is fine, especially those made with goat’s or sheep’s milk as they contain different proteins. I can’t say we eat a lot of salami but it’s great for quick, on-the-go meals. Certainly, avoid it if you prefer to keep your paleo template clean and strict. It’s all about how you feel :)

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