Whether you're looking for a reset after an overindulgent vacation or you're just starting out your health journey, join my free challenge to eat nutrient-dense, paleo meals for 7 days. 

With a daily 10-point scoring system, this is a super fun, live challenge that will keep you engaged and on track.


What you can expect from doing this challenge:

  •  Boost your nutrition & feel healthier 
  •  Gain energy & improve digestion
  •  Lose a pound or two
  •  Good understanding of the paleo diet 
  •  Learn about nutrient-dense foods
  •  Master healthy shopping & meal planning
  •  Learn lots of new, nutritious recipes
  •  Pick up a few new healthy habits
  •  Feel supported and a part of a lively community

Grab your spot and set yourself up for success with daily check-in emails, printable worksheets, guides, support and inspiration.


In creating this challenge, I wanted to inject a bit of fun and gameplay. I have come up with a 10-point scoring system to keep you engaged and on track.  

To complete this LIVE challenge, you have two rules: 

  •  You must stick with the paleo guidelines for 7 days. 
  •  You have to score 10 points in mini challenges at the end of each day. 


Paleo challenge rules

Every day, you get a choice of 10 mini challenges. For example, you must stick with the paleo guidelines and that automatically gives you 4 points.  

You then have to make up 6 more points using the remaining tasks. You can choose what they are from the list.  

You will be able to prereview the 10-point checklists for each day of the week ahead of time, so you can plan for ultimate success. 

Free paleo challenge examples


I wanted to keep this part flexible and instead of giving you a ready-made shopping list and a meal plan, I want YOU to choose what you want to eat based on provided guidelines and suggestions. I believe that by DOING it yourself, you will be better equipped to plan and prepare meals going forward.  

Don’t worry; I'm here to answer any questions and to provide ideas, if you get stuck. With over 400 recipes on my own blog, free menu plans, cookbooks and all other available resources, you will have plenty of meals to choose from.  

You will receive all the essential shopping info and meal planning tips before the challenge begins on Monday, January 7th.


With over 1700 participants, our last 7-Day Challenge was a total success. It was the most engaging challenge I've ever run and I knew I had to do it again. Here are just a few short snippets from our Facebook group.

Feedback 1
Feedback 2
Feedback 2
Feedback 4
Feedback 5
Feedback 6


  •  You will be subscribed to the 7-day challenge team email list and receive a Welcome email with all relevant information, dates and links.
  •  You will receive the 7-Day Challenge guide with daily 10-point checklists and a meal planning template, Paleo Diet Guidelines PDF, One-Page Cheat Sheet, all of which you can print out.
  •  You will get daily check-in emails with your 10-point checklists, tips, and meal ideas.
  •  You can join my private Facebook group for daily updates and community support, or follow the challenge progress on Instagram. 
  • The challenge begins on Monday, January 7th and you will need a couple of days to prepare.  

Are your ready to get healthier and eat real, nutritious food?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide shopping lists & meal plans? 

There are no challenge specific shopping lists or meal plans. You are required to stick with the provided paleo diet guidelines, while focusing on including recommend nutrient-dense foods in your meals. 

I do have a few free paleo menus on the blog and lots of recipes to choose from, and I make suggestions for meals and dishes in your daily challenge worksheets and emails.

Do I have to pay anything?

No, this challenge is free and anyone can take part in it. Bring your friends and family along for the ride!

How will I access the content?

You will receive a Welcome email and links to download all your guies and worksheets. You can view all PDF files on your laptop, phone, tablet or print them out for your convenience. 

Can I lose weight during this challenge?

Based on previous paleo challenges I've run, most people can expect a realistic goal of 0.5-1kg / 1-2 pounds per week. 

Can I join the challenge if I'm doing keto, AIP, Whole30, Primal or any other real food based diets?

Yes! The template and the 10-point scoring system can work for any dietary requirement. The main thing is that you get to have fun and do it live with a community of like-minded people.

I can't start on a Monday, can I still join? 

Sure thing. If you can start on a Tuesday, then simply do the whole 7 days starting that day. Your email check-ins will still come as per the regular schedule.

I have more questions about the challenge...

Yes, simply email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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