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Help Oxfam Australia Stop Hunger Bite by Bite


Today I want to tell you about Oxfam’s Stop Hunger campaign, which aims to provide poor women with the skills and tools to beat hunger through home gardening programs.

In places like the tsunami affected Sri Lanka, growing vegetables at home puts the very much needed food on the table and creates opportunities to bring in an income by selling excess harvest at the markets. Oxfam’s home gardening programs help to train and support these people in need. To help fund this initiative and to draw attention to its Stop Hunger appeal, Oxfam Australia is throwing out a challenge to food lovers around Australia to submit inventive recipes using home grown, readily accessible fruit and vegetables.

Last year Oxfam developed a Delicious Pineapple Recipe Book that was a great success, which has led Oxfam to ask chefs and food bloggers for their support once more. The focus of this year’s recipe book is based around ‘Fresh from the Garden’ with recipes using fresh and readily accessible fruit and vegetables.

The campaign this year focuses on the fact that the planet produces enough food to feed everyone, yet one in seven people around the world go hungry every night. A case study focuses specifically on Chandrani and her home gardening businesses. With the right seeds, tools and knowledge, Chandrani has created a successful vegetable garden, growing beans, capsicum, beetroot, spinach, radish and more. She’s producing enough food to feed her three children and is earning an income by selling the surplus. Two ambassadors for the campaign who have already donated a recipe are Kylie Kwong and Julie Goodwin, two women who like Chandrani earn a living through their food.

If you’re a chef, home cook, food blogger or food enthusiast, you can support Oxfam’s Stop Hunger campaign by donating a ‘Home Grown’ style recipe by 4th of June, more details on their site. Selected recipes will be featured in an online recipe book, alongside those of some of Australia’s leading chefs and food writers.

Oxfam Australia is also asking for supporters to promote their involvement where possible which could be in the form of a blog post/article (just like this one) or displaying a banner in support.

Tomorrow I will be cooking up a storm in my kitchen using accessible and easy to grow at home vegetables like beetroot, radishes, potatoes and maybe some eggplant. I might even have some of my own radishes and herbs in the backyard. Whether my recipe gets selected or not, I will still feel like I am contributing to a great cause and hopefully the online recipe book can raise the much needed funds for this fantastic campaign.

Not a cook? Why not donate a few dollars? Donate here.


Irey xo

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