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Jazz Apples – New Candy in the Store


jazz apples

You know when you walk down the street and see a gorgeous guy or girl and as you pass them by you have to turn your head around and say ‘Damn!’. Yeah, that. I had that with apples yesterday. I never thought apples could cause a double take but this particular kind certainly did. Going under the name of Jazz Apples, probably because eating them makes you feel like performing happy jazz fingers dance, this variety is quite new to the world of apple growing and eating.

Developed in New Zealand in the 80s and launched in 2004, Jazz Apple is a cross between two common varieties Royal Gala and Braeburn.  It has such a vivacious combination of colours – red and maroon mixed with bright lemon yellows and tints of green – that all surrounding apples pale in comparison. Their appetising appearance and sweet smell are what attracted me in the first place. Did they taste as gorgeous as they looked? They sure did! Super juicy, effervescent, sweet n’ tart, with creamed coloured flesh and crunchy firm skin – it is one happy apple. You can taste a hint of pear and the smell is almost peachy sweet and floral. They are so good they should have their own fan page.

But here is the thing, because this variety is still relatively new the supplies are quite limited. In Australia, Jazz Apples come into season in May and in Northern hemisphere around November. These apples are mainly grown in NZ, Australia, UK, France and parts of the US, and as there are certain trademark license restrictions, you are not likely to find the fruit trees at your local nursery.  I bought my batch from Coles, out of all places, so go and get yourself some Jazz Apples while they’re available.

Now back to nursing my neck and shoulder inflammation, I really shouldn’t be typing today…

Signing off with happy jazz fingers,

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