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If  you think my cookbook would be relevant to your audience, why not join my affiliates program? It’s pretty simple!  You share my cookbook with your blog readers, Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest followers or with your current online store customers and if they choose to purchase any of my cookbook editions through an affiliate link provided, you receive 30% commission on the total of every sale. It’s a great and easy way  to spread the message of healthy eating and to earn some extra cash along the way.

Please read through instructions below and if you have any questions, please email

Receive 30% commission on every sale

Here is how it works:

  1. First you will have to register as an affiliate with E-Junkie, the platform I use to sell my books. It’s a very simple process.
  2. Once you’ve registered with e-Junkie, join the Eat Drink Paleo affiliate program. Join my affiliate program here! 
  3. Use the affiliate link code provided to link to my cookbook sales page. You can use the URL in the code to promote the cookbook in text or as an image banner in different areas of your website. I have provided a few images for you to use below and feel free to contact us if you need a custom designed banner for your site.
  4. If you’re find it difficult to get your head around E-junkie, check out this post by Darren Rowse  at Problogger (thanks to Sarah Wilson for the tip)
  5. Once your blog/website/business is approved, you’ll start receiving 30% commission on any books sold via your channels.

Who can use this affiliate program?

Pretty much anyone but it’s best if my products are relevant to your users and readers. Affiliate products work best as genuine recommendations so I highly recommend that you get familiar with my cookbook first and promote it contextually, such as in a personal review, as a complimentary tool or product to your business and service, or as part of a relevant e-commerce product range.

If you need a digital copy of my cookbook, please email and she’ll sort you out.

Receive $7.20 for every digital cookbook (30% of $24), $13.20 for my printed cookbook (30% of $44), or $16.2 for a bundle (30% of $54). Depending on your audience size and relevance of the products, you can earn anywhere between $70 to $500 per month (that’s 10-50 sales to your users but it could be much higher). There are many clever ways of including my cookbook mention in your own content.

Eat Drink Paleo affiliates programs is great for you if:

  • You run a website/blog/forum that covers such topics as cooking, food, nutrition, health, wellbeing, fitness, paleo, primal, gluten-free, weight loss, crossfit and so on.
  • You have Facebook page fans, Twitter followers, Pinterest or Tumbler audience, who are interested in the above topics
  • You provide consulting and coaching services within the areas of fitness, nutrition, wellbeing and health (e.g. nutritionists, personal trainers)
  • You have a store (online and offline) selling products relevant to the above topics and my cookbook would be a great addition to your product range.

Different ways you can promote my cookbook:

  • Write an honest review of the cookbook;
  • Road test one of the recipes from my cookbook;
  • Share it on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or other social media;
  • Mention it in your video, podcast, workshops and point people to a page on your website;
  • Add it to your resources/recommended reading lists;
  • Share it in your next newsletter or add the link to your email signature;
  • Run a healthy eating challenge or program for your users and recommend the cookbook as a tool;
  • Place a promotional banner in a relevant contextual position on your website;

More reading on how to get the most out of an affiliate programs here:

10 Tips for Using Affiliate Programs on your Blog or 6 More Tips for Affiliate Marketing on Blogs.

Terms & Conditions

  • All payments amounts are in Australian dollars;
  • Affiliates get paid once a month;
  • Affiliates get paid via PayPal, however if needed we could arrange a direct tranfer;
  • Affiliates must comply with good online etiquette and not breach copyright laws while promoting my cookbook within their own channels.

Feel free to use any of these promo images, simply save us. 

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