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My Paleo Shopping List – July 2, 2012


shopping basket paleo

To give you an idea of how to stock up your fridge and pantry Paleo style, I am going to publish a series of posts covering our weekly shopping habits.  I will declare EVERYTHING so you might find a few cheeky items in there. I want to show that as a Paleo follower I still succumb to temptations and that we sometimes cook non-Paleo meals for guests.

There are three grown-ups sharing the grocery bill and for the most part we all eat the same. Both boys and I are pretty active, going to the gym or for a run few times a week. My boyfriend is a bit of a hover and often requires emergency non Paleo foods like a bowl of cereal or 2 minutes noodles, which he can freely have as long as he eats the same as me the rest of the time. I usually do most of the food shopping in our household but the boys are pretty good at choosing Paleo friendly produce and ingredients.

Here is what we had left from last week’s  shopping trip: onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, some eggs, broccoli, frozen mixed berries, A2 milk, ghee, coconut flour, almond meal, garlic. And we already have staples like olive oil, macadamia oil, condiments, spices, honey etc.

  1. HI Irena,

    Love your site, was looking for a chicken soup recipe. Have you seen Paul and Sou-Ching’s Perfect Health Diet website (or book)? They have incredible scientific knowledge of Paleo, and Evolutionary Health. Perhaps it might be easier for your boyfriend if you incorporated some “safe starches” as they suggest such as some rice and potatoes into his diet and he wouldn’t need so many “emergency” food. I have found this makes Paleo a lot easier to follow for my family.

    1. Yes, I do know that site really well and we do eat some white potatoes and some white rice every now and then. This is an old post and we’ve been adapting our paleo diet a little.

  2. Hi Irena,
    I really enjoy reading through your website. I’ve recently converted to Paleo but like you I eat dairy and allow myself the occasional treat if I need it.

    My boyfriend and I go shopping once a week at our local farmers market and we spend around $150 between us. The food we buy there will yield 5-6 dinner and lunches and fruit for breakfast. We normally buy a range of meats and vegetables as well as cheese and eggs.

    My treat is artisan gelato once a week!

    1. Sounds like you eat similarly to us. Gelato is always on my treat list!!! I love Messina Gelato in Sydney and of course the proper stuff in Italy. One of the best gelato experiences I had was in Sienna in Tuscany. I had super dark, almost black, chocolate gelato and it was superb.

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