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My Paleo Shopping List – Fri Oct 5, 2012



Today I went for a quick groceries top up and came back with all of this! I couldn’t help myself as there were so many good specials on at Harris Farm and I figured I might as well do my weekly shop. Back in July I exposed my shopping basket for the first time. I wanted to give everyone a chance to see what I stock in my fridge and pantry, and what eventually goes into my paleo cooking…and how much it all costs.  Since then I’ve been totally slack (ok, there might have been a trip to Europe) but it’s back on!

Today’s shop was a bit unplanned but I knew I still had plenty of fats (oils, butter, ghee), onions, garlic, some eggs, frozen berries, coconut milk, nuts, honey, spices and a few other staples. It’s a still a pretty good example of what we normally buy. We consume a bit of dairy so you will see some cheese and yogurt there.


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