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Wait? Has something changed?


Hello dear readers,

For those of you who have visited Eat Drink Paleo before, the website will look somewhat different. I know, I know – you all loved the old design. So did I! The blackboard, the chalk lettering, those tomatoes and rhubarb in the background, my bright blue dress – it was very fun but it was getting old. Plus, I started seeing way too many other brands using a similar look and feel so it was time for a change. Let me tell you what’s new!

1) The logo is new and it is once again created by my talented friend Carla Hackett. We wanted something fun, vibrant and happy looking that would stand out on a clean, white page. It’s quite a departure from my previous logo but it still captures the essence of who I am and what this brand is.

2) The content is still the same, as are the categories and the URLs so if you’ve bookmarked or linked to any of my recipes or pages, those connections will still work. Actually, structurally the website hasn’t changed at all.

3) The site is now much lighter, both in colour and size, and it should be faster. It’s also completely responsive so it will display very nicely in all your big and small devices. Finally!

4) Is It Paleo? module that used to live on the homepage will soon have its own page so you will still be able to play around with it. We’re just making some small updates to it.

5) Irey’s Kitchen section is a little pimped up – you can now easily see more recipes on one page and browse by categories and tags.

6) All of the products I feature on the site, such as Your Guide To Paleo and I Quit Sugar books, are my genuine recommendations. I get a small affiliate commission if you buy any of them, but I own and use all of them so I can vouch for their quality and usefulness. The other advertisements are served by Google Adsense (usually) and from time to time some weird ads might pop up. Those ads are actually what Google things you might be interested in and I don’t control them. However, if you see something very inappropriate, please shoot us an email as we can block certain domains.

That’s about it guys! Not much else has changed. It’s lighter, brighter, easier to navigate and features a few more of my mug shots because…well, why not? Those nice pics of me were taken by a buddy of mine Tony C French.  The design of the website was done by me (rather heavily adapted from an existing theme), and the web development by the super talented Maria Granadino.

So, please bear with us while we keep updating and fine tuning bits and pieces. We welcome feedback and suggestions so we can keep improving Eat Drink Paleo and making it useful, interesting and easy to interact with.

Irey xo

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  1. I did love the look of the old website…but it was a little difficult to navigate at times. Love this clean and clear new fresh look :-)

  2. I agree with Deb. That is very bad for the wildlife and environment. People do not realize that it may look nice but the harm is doing. I would do something different.

    1. Alright, alright guys! I can change the picture. It’s just a representation of launching something. I don’t think anyone is going to look at this photo and go get a bunch of balloons and let them into the air.

  3. Hey just a thought on the picture of the balloons on the new site. The practice of releasing balloons into the environment intentionally is dangerous for wildlife, fish, birds, and mammals accidentally swallow latex balloon which get trapped in their digestive systems and kill them. The ribbon is even worse. If we are eating paleo, ie healthier, whole foood, we should also be conscious of other ways we affect the environment, and balloons are not a good message to send out to newbies just visiting your site for the first time or those of us who are loyal followers……even little efforts count……thank you for the great information otherwise….

  4. It looks great Irena! Love the new look, and Carla has done an amazing job (as always).

    I do miss the cheeky chalkboard but I love the bright and shiny new look.

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