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I don’t have an official team, just like I don’t have an actual office.  I work from my kitchen, my couch and any cafe around London, Sydney or where ever I might be that won’t kick me out after two hours of typing away on my laptop while drinking the same cup of filter coffee. But I am surrounded (even if virtually) by amazing, talented, kind and encouraging people who contribute to Eat Drink Paleo in one way or another. Let’s meet them!

Irena Macri – Chief Executive Foodie


Yep, Chief Executive Foodie actually my email signature and that’s pretty much what I do. I publish Eat Drink Paleo website, which involves everything from cooking the recipes you see, taking photographs, writing (sometimes badly), working the WordPress magic, managing Eat Drink Paleo communities on different social media platforms, and the list goes on. More about me here.

My favourite foods: sweet potato, grass fed beef, oysters, truffles (the fungi type), salmon
Best wellbeing tip I’ve been given: A salad a day keeps the doctor away!
Favourite thing about paleo cooking: Amount of vegetables I get to eat

Gloria Tong – Sales, Marketing & PR 


Gloria is based in Sydney and looks after the customer sales support, guest bloggers, marketing and PR for Eat Drink Paleo. She also teaches yoga and loves swimming, gardening and long walks, often with her little daughter in tow. You can get in touch with her via

My favourite foods: mushrooms, seafood, chocolate, mangos and fresh coconuts
The best wellbeing tip I’ve been given: keep phones and ipads out of the bedroom – it’s too easy to stare at a screen late at night or log-on first thing in the morning.
Favourite thing about paleo cooking: the versatility of the sweet potato!

If you want to get in touch about advertising, sponsorships, partnerships and ambassadorships, please contact James or Victoria at The Insiders Agency

Melanie Charters – Magical Content Creator
Melanie grew up on a small property in Northern NSW, Australia, with cows, fruit trees, beehives and a veggie patch. She loves to travel and over the last 10 years has lived in New Zealand, London, and Berlin. Melanie has always loved to cook so contributing to the Eat Drink Paleo website provides the perfect opportunity for her to combine her love of food and her background in digital communications.  When not out exploring Berlin on her bike, she can be found learning to knit and dreaming of a day when she can have her own patch of dirt and some chickens.

My 5 favourite foods:

  • Mangoes – remind me of scorching hot childhood Summers in Australia
  • Avocados – smashed with tomato and herbs
  • Eggs – poached, scrambled, boiled, fried, baked…
  • Coconut (so happy this is Paleo!)
  • Pan fried salmon with homemade parsley and lemon pesto (a frequent dinner at our house)

The best wellbeing/health tip I’ve been given: Start every day with the juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water – stimulates digestion, cleanses the liver and kidneys, and alkalises the system.
My favourite thing about paleo is: How good I feel when I #JERF (Just Eat Real Food)!

Carla Hackett – Design & Lettering 

Carla is a Melbourne-based letterer who runs her studio from a sunny shared creative space Little Gold Studios in Brunswick. She hand-crafts lettering for a range of clients in creative industries, including fashion, music, food, branding, retail, hospitality, magazines, books, weddings and conferences. Her aim is to bring a warm, unique, human element to a world dominated by digital fonts and design and that’s exactly what she did for Eat Drink Paleo. Carla is responsible for my gorgeous, playful logo and other chalk lettered elements on the website. She is, however, better known for being the art directing and design force behind my Eat Drink Paleo cookbook.

She loves slow food, coffee and travel, and has a worrying obsession with finding the world’s best gelato. When not laughing at cat videos on YouTube, she can be found riding her pink bicycle around the backstreets of Brunswick and Fitzroy pointing out beautiful vintage lettering to anyone who will listen. You can contact Carla via her website, Instagram or Facebook.

My favourite 5 foods: Gelato, Japanese anything, coconut and berry smoothie, omelette with a side of bacon, a well cooked steak.
The best wellbeing/health tip I’ve been given: Cutting out wheat and sugar was a life-changer, also watch youtube videos of cats when feeling down.
My favourite thing about paleo is: The way clean eating of a wide variety of fresh, whole foods makes me feel great inside and out. It’s specific to my body, and I’ll eat gelato if I want to!

Jodie Earl – Editor

Jodie is a writer, editor and copywriter who takes as much pleasure in writing about food as she does eating good food… well, almost! When not on her laptop, Jodie can be found hanging out at cafes and running the trails in the Blue Mountains, Australia, where she lives and works. Jodie is the editor of the Eat Drink Paleo cookbook and she is my preferred gal for whenever I need to edit or proofread freelance articles, ebooks and so on.

My favourite 5 foods:
Fish (I’ll nearly always order the fish dish off the menu)
Rocket, pear, fennel and parmesan salad (I’ll eat this at least three times a week)
Red wine (a glass with dinner most nights!)
Cookies and cream ice-cream (my ultimate dessert)
Any meal made by my husband!

The best wellbeing/health tip I’ve ever been given is: “Everything in moderation.”
My favourite thing about paleo is: Its emphasis on fresh, natural, sustainably sourced produce.

My Tech Team – coming soon!

Hello! My name is Irena. I cook delicious paleo and gluten-free recipes. Sometimes I eat cheese. And, I certainly enjoy a glass of wine. More about me.

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