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Hello dear readers, For those of you who have visited Eat Drink Paleo before, the website will look somewhat different. I know, I know – you all loved the old design. So did I! The blackboard, the chalk lettering, those tomatoes and rhubarb in the background, my bright blue dress – it was very fun but it

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Top 15 Paleo Halloween Treats & Party Food Ideas

halloween treats

Halloween is usually all about treats and dressing up. The treats can be a little tricky for us healthy types but it certainly doesn’t mean we have to go without. If you’re going to let loose this Halloween, here are some spooky ideas and recipes for healthier Paleo treats and finger foods. Start party planning! 

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Scallop Lollipops With Prosciutto & Maple


Lollipops for grown ups is what I imagined when I was making these juicy, prosciutto wrapped, maple and lime glazed scallops. These bite size balls of happiness are perfect as a starter for your next dinner party or as finger food to go with cocktails. I also love them as a little fancy weekend lunch with a

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