Infrared Sauna – Health Benefits, Costs & Review


In the pursuit of optimal health and wellbeing, we all like trying the latest therapies and treatments that promise everything from healing and faster weight loss to smoother skin and whiter teeth. Saunas, acupuncture, cupping, oil pulling, kinesiology, herbal medicine – with so many ‘natural’ and ‘alternative’ remedies and practices around, it sure can get confusing. In today’s

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Turmeric Zucchini & Coconut Soup


If last year was all about chia seeds and spirulina, this year is all about turmeric. Seriously, everywhere you look, there is a turmeric this and turmeric that. And for a good reason! It has many amazing health benefits: from anti-inflammatory to cancer-fighting properties. I’ve been using turmeric for many years but sometimes even I

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Creamy Turkey Broccoli Casserole (Divan Style)


Have you guys heard of chicken divan? It’s a very popular – some would say a classic – chicken casserole dish in America. It’s made with diced chicken, broccoli, creamy mornay-like sauce and almonds. I’ve never actually made the traditional version but I really like the sound of it and wanted to recreate a paleo friendly

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