10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on a Paleo Diet


I have invited our Happy Body Formula coach Alexandra Barone to share her tips and insights on this topic. Alex has coached hundreds of people through our 9-week program as well as other paleo challenges. Working with private clients and our program participants, she troubleshoots these common weight loss issues on almost daily basis, while educating

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Korean Style Spicy Chicken (Paleo & GF)


This recipe is a total winner and will please both chicken and chilli lovers. It’s inspired by the ever-so-popular Korean Fried Chicken (a different kind of KFC), which is crispy deep-fried chicken smothered in a sauce made with gochujang paste (more on this one later). This is a healthier version: A) we’re not deep-frying the chicken in dodgy

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Golden Coconut Prawns With Honey Lemon Glaze


Healthy Chinese food might sound like an oxymoron but that only really applies to westernised take out dishes fried in rancid oils and smothered with MSG and sugar loaded sauces. In reality, Oriental cuisine is super versatile, nourishing  and allows for many modifications. Take the deep-fried golden shrimp with sticky sweet sauce, for example. This absolute classic, loved by

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Quick & Easy Sauerkraut Recipe – Step By Step Photos


Gut health is one of the most talked about topics amongst nutrition and wellness experts and enthusiasts. Many studies are now showing that a healthy, well balanced gut flora is one of the key factors in achieving good digestion, and health in general. As well as avoiding stress and toxins that cause an imbalance of good and bad

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The Ultimate Paleo Prawn Recipes


Today’s roundup is all about prawns, otherwise known as shrimp. These little guys from under the sea might be small, but their nutritional benefits are anything but. Above all, they are a source of protein. Comparable to poultry, they are a very lean variety of seafood with just a bit of healthy unsaturated fat. Like most

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