Pork Ribs – Roasted & Glazed with My Paleo Barbecue Sauce


Whether done on a barbecue or roasted in the oven, pork ribs are one of my favourite meals. Especially if you can get good quality, free-range pork ribs. There are hundreds of way to prepare and season the ribs – from amazing rubs to bourbon infused sauces – but I hope that you enjoy my version made

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Paleo Barbecue Sauce with Apple & Cinnamon


When it comes to condiments such as ketchup and barbecue sauce, it’s always more convenient to buy a ready-made bottle. Unfortunately, most commercially produced sauces are full of added sugar or corn syrup, ‘natural flavours’ and other additives and preservatives. If you’ve never made your own barbecue sauce or ketchup, I really encourage you to give

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Piña Colada Smoothie With Flavoured Spirulina


Piña colada is one of those cocktails that we hate to admit we like, even the boys. Yes, it’s kitsch and slightly juvenile but we love the way this coconut pineapple thirst-quencher tastes of summer and beach holidays. I wanted to bring some its tropical paradise qualities into my morning so I decided to make

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Top 15 Paleo Oatmeal & Porridge Alternatives


One of the most common questions I hear from people who start following a paleo diet is about oats. More specifically it is about how much they miss having their daily morning porridge and is there a way they can still enjoy a little oatmeal every now and then. When it comes to oats themselves, they

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