Cinnamon, ginger & raisin paleo pancakes (for Easter)


I love long weekend holidays such as Easter because they give us an opportunity to enjoy a few treats and to take our time with cooking for friends and loved ones. So, in the lead up to this year’s Easter, I decided to develop a recipe for a new paleo treat. Here is how it went!

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Top 10 Foods For A Healthy Gut – Guest Post


Remember those Raw Mixed Berry Tarts recipe we featured recently. Well, its creator Larina Robinson is more than just a foodie! She is an experienced nutritionist and wholefood dietitian (based in Sydney) and runs The Body Dietetics website – on all things health, nutrition and wellness inspiration. We’re pleased to have her back on the site and this

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Baked Yuca Fries with Catalan Tomato Sauce


Yuca, also known as cassava and manioc, is a starchy root vegetable popular in South American, African and Asian kitchens. I have a more comprehensive post on yuca as an ingredient in paleo cooking so here I am going to show you how to make tasty yuca fries with a special tomato sauce.

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