Paleo Chocolate Ice Cream – Guest Recipe


Today we have Monica from The Movement Menu sharing her simple recipe for a paleo chocolate ice cream. This little non-dairy treat is perfect for a weekend family feast or as a special dessert to share with you kids, friends and family. You will need an ice-cream maker for this recipe and Monica suggests adding

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Paleo Broccoli Pancakes


I have a thing for savoury pancakes, fritters and latkes – they are really simple to make and can be done for breakfast or dinner; it’s a tasty way to sneak in a few extra veggies; and they are fantastic to add to your lunch box.  For these pancakes I used broccoli and eggs with

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Is Quinoa Paleo Friendly?


Is Quinoa Paleo?    Hailed as a superfood, quinoa is gluten free, high in protein and nutrient dense. All valid reasons as to why it has become an popular alternative to traditional grains. Infact, the United Nations declared 2013 the International Year of Quinoa, “to raise awareness of the nutritional, economic, environmental and cultural value of a

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