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Ultimate gift guide for paleo folks, foodies, cooks & fitness nuts


paleo gift guide

How often have you received or given a gift that was neither here nor there,  the  kind of gift that spent the next 12 months at the back of a dark cupboard? Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays or Father’s Day, wouldn’t it be nice if people always received presents that are functional, relevant and practical? This paleo and primal oriented gift guide will give you plenty of ideas on what to get for your friends, your loved ones or for yourself.  I wanted to focus on gifts that can help anyone achieve a healthier lifestyle, eat good food, get fit, learn something new and enjoy life’s simple pleasures – they don’t even have to be into paleo.

For the kitchen

Eco-friendly, re-usable lunch box


I love these lunch boxes and I really really wish I get one for Christmas this year. Eco-friendly, easy to clean and fun to pack, PlanetBox Rover Lunchbox, $59 from Amazon, is one awesome way to transport your lunch around and would make a great gift for both kids and grown-ups. Made out of safe, non-toxic, and recycled materials – no lead, PVC, phthalates, or BPA – this lunch box features multiple compartments so you can fit your portions of meat, veggies, fats and snacks in one neat package. It’s a massive hit with kids and although it might seem expensive, I see it as a little investment.

Amazon for $30-40 depending on the colour.


Moving to slightly larger gadgets, a food processor is an absolute must for anyone cooking paleo. I can’t say enough how much time it saves having one of these on a  kitchen bench. I do a lot of my chopping, mixing, blending, pureeing and processing of ingredients in a food processor and I guarantee that it would be a very valuable gift. And don’t listen to anyone telling you it’s offensive to give a food processor to a woman  – it will become her best friend. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, you can pick something like Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor, White for $99 at Amazon.


When it comes to cooking food, a crockpot, also known as a slow cooker, is another handy paleo kitchen asset.


Slow cookers are like magic – throw a bunch of raw ingredients, herbs and spices in the morning and have a fantastic dinner waiting for you in the evening with minimal effort. This Hamilton Beach 33967 Set ‘n Forget 6-Quart Programmable Slow Cooker is a nice crockpot with a clear lid so you can see what’s going on inside.

If you want to spurge, something like a Vitamix Blender will put a smile on most foodies faces. If on the budget, a simple mortar and pestle will make a very useful kitchen addition. And for coffee lovers an addition of Chemex Coffeemaker might be exciting.

Yummy things 

Who doesn’t like edible gifts, especially those you can share with friends and family?

paleo gift guide

One gift idea that is rather unconventional but is totally practical and fun in my eyes is a meat tray!  Not a dodgy pub raffle kind but the one filled with fresh grass fed beef steaks, free range bacon, salt bush lamb and free range chicken sausages. Or why not get them half a cow or half a lamb?  You can check out these online stores specialising in pasture raised cattle meat or check with your local butcher: Urban Meat Market , Spring Hill Beef Hamper, Mitchell Grass Meats. If you’re in America, the  US Wellness Meats online store even sells gift certificates.

If meat idea doesn’t rock your boat, how about a paleo food hamper? You can stuff it with yummy goodies like gorgeous extra virgin olive oil, macadamia nuts, beef jerky, olives, gourmet mustard, cacao powder, spices, Celtic salt, coconut butter, coconut aminos, raw honey, quality maple syrup and raw chocolate.  Herbie’s Spices have lots of awesome spice kits to tickle anyone’s senses or you can get individual paleo kitscoconut productspaleo chocolate or even coconut yogurt and wrap those as little gifts. Another option is to make your own paleo friendly chocolate, cookies, slices, pesto, granola and onion jam and use those as gifts.

For coffee and tea lovers, check out the mystery coffee delivery service from Dispatch by Decaf Sucks or pick up a gift certificate or a pack from T2 Tea or Tea Tonic. Cultured drinks and products are fantastic for our gut flora. You could pick up some fermented veggies from Kitsa’s Kitchen or make some Kombucha. Kombucha Brooklyn sell home brewing kits or you can pick up a Kombucha Tea Starter Kit here.


A lot of folks are into growing their own food these days so why not get them something for their little veggie patch. Both kids and grown ups would enjoy this Veggie Patch Kit or Herb Patch Kit  from Planet Eco. A bunnings card is another good idea – it’s a ticket to the candy store for many! Green Thumb Gifts has lots of cool options.

How about a hipster coffee print for your caffeine obsessed buddy or a new designer iphone cover for an animal lover.

Vouchers are always a good idea and you could get a gift card for Lululemon (chicks totally dig that), Red Balloon (for an adrenalin or experience junkie), your local spa or massage therapist (everyrone needs a little me time) or you could donate money to a cause like helping out our farmers or small start-ups in Africa.

If your loved one enjoys food and learning, a cooking classes is always a fun gift. I might be a little biased here but I would totally love something like Butchery 101 or a Seafood BBQ cooking class. Search for what’s available in your area.



For power junkies, a home installed pull-up bar could be a go or you could order a set of kettle bells. For water babies, I would opt for something like a waterproof ipod shuffle or a set of snorkeling gear if relevant to their location. For snow bunnies, you might get a new set of snowboarding gloves or some warm running gear. Other primal fitness ideas include a pair of new hiking boots, a skipping rope, a set of resistance bands,a yoga mat or perhaps a trial membership at a local crossfit gym. And if you think they’re interested in tracking their health and progress, there are some cool gadgets on the market like FitBit’s activity and sleep tracker or Jawbone’s Up wristband that tracks how you sleep, move and eat. Or how about a new cool water bottle? So many options.


There are so many great books out there that I think would make a great gift for anyone interested to learn more about paleo and primal lifestyle as well as cooking and food in general. Here is a list of my favourites.


These are just some ideas to get you started. Of course, the gifts will depend on your budget, your location and seasonality but at the end of the day it’s the thought that counts.  And perhaps this guide will become your own wish list like it has for me.

Do you have any other gift ideas or suggestions?

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