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Paleo Journeys with Scott Gooding



We’re kicking off new series called Paleo Journeys, in which we interview bloggers, authors, medial practitioners, fitness gurus and those with amazing, life-changing stories about their health and well being journey. As well as talking about their own paleo/primal/holistic lifestyle experience, our guests will share their favourite ingredients, cooking tips and fun facts. The aim of these interviews is to inspire, educate and motivate you to create your own, optimal paleo journey. We’re very excited to have Scott Gooding as our first guest.

A little bit about Scott Gooding before we get started

Scott is an advocate for health and fitness and promotes the path towards optimal health. An exercise specialist of 9 years with a background in exercise science, Scott has run a successful personal training and bootcamp business in Sydney’s Bondi since 2005. Scott recently appeared on the popular cooking show – My Kitchen Rules with friend Luke Hines as “The Healthy Chefs” and promoted healthy cooking to families across Australia. More recently Scott has published two books “Clean Living” – a healthy lifestyle book and Clean Living The Cookbook – paleo inspired recipes. Two more books have been written for the Clean Living series and will be out late 2014. Scott has been the resident foodie on the Live Well series on channel 7 and is an advocate for the Paleo lifestyle and brand ambassador for Nature’s Way Superfoods. Scott continues to share his message about health and aims to positively influence what people eat and how we move on a day to day basis.

Let’s find out more about Scott’s paleo journey!

How did you discover the paleo/primal diet and lifestyle?

Around 14 years ago I was living in a vegetarian household so my choice to eat meat came under scrutiny from myself more so than from my flatmates. I had been reading around the subject of nutrition and the concept of eating right for your blood type which was popular around that time. After being tested and discovering I was blood type-O which is labelled the “hunter-gatherer” or “caveman” it became clear to me then, as it does now, that we should be eating foods that our ancestors did.


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