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Wait? Has something changed?

Hello dear readers, For those of you who have visited Eat Drink Paleo before, the website will look somewhat different. I know, I know – you all loved the old design. So did I! The blackboard, the chalk lettering, those tomatoes and rhubarb in the background, my bright blue dress – it was very fun but it

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Paleo Journeys with Lucy Lichtenstein

Today’s Paleo Journeys guest is Lucy Lichtenstein from Feed Me – Real Food Co. I first met Lucy  a couple of years ago at the Low Carb Down Under conference in Sydney. We have since been catching up for a coffee or lunch whenever we’re in the same city and chatting about our experiences and views on this

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Is Quinoa Paleo Friendly?

Is Quinoa Paleo?    Hailed as a superfood, quinoa is gluten free, high in protein and nutrient dense. All valid reasons as to why it has become an popular alternative to traditional grains. Infact, the United Nations declared 2013 the International Year of Quinoa, “to raise awareness of the nutritional, economic, environmental and cultural value of a

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Paleo Journeys with Scott Gooding

We’re kicking of new series called Paleo Journeys, in which we interview bloggers, authors, medial practitioners, fitness gurus and those with amazing, life-changing stories about their health and well being journey. As well as talking about their own paleo/primal/holistic lifestyle experience, our guests will share their favourite ingredients, cooking tips and fun facts. The aim of these interviews

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