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Top 10 Foods For A Healthy Gut – Guest Post

Remember those Raw Mixed Berry Tarts recipe we featured recently. Well, its creator Larina Robinson is more than just a foodie! She is an experienced nutritionist and wholefood dietitian (based in Sydney) and runs The Body Dietetics website – on all things health, nutrition and wellness inspiration. We’re pleased to have her back on the site and this

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Paleo Journeys with Chris Kresser

Today we have a special guest as part of our Paleo Journeys series – Chris Kresser. I’ve always wanted to interview this clever man so I am very excited to share our interview with all of you. Seriously, you want to listen to or read the whole thing because it’s super insightful and will get your brain ticking. You also

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Top Benefits of Meditation + How To Actually Do It

Today we have a guest post from Claire Obeid, who is a Sydney based Holistic Health Coach and Yoga Teacher. After struggling with chronic illness and stress and experiencing the benefits of meditation first hand, Claire now works with other women to help them discover balance, true happiness and perfect health (check out her new program). Today Claire is

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Paleo Journeys with Joshua Weissman of Slim Palate

Joshua Weissman is an accomplished real-food advocate and food blogger based in Texas who writes and photographs for the increasingly popular blog Slim Palate. After years of harassment in school for being overweight, he changed his life and lost more than 100 pounds (that’s 45 kilos guys) by eating real food. With this empowering accomplishment

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