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Paleo On The Go – Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Ideas



Earlier in the year we did a survey about people’s paleo experiences and one of the most common challenges people found was eating paleo ‘on the go’. So we’ve compiled some suggestions for portable paleo foods you can eat on the go – whether it’s a rushed breakfast, a snack after the gym, lunch in the office, nutritious food for the kid’s lunch boxes, or something healthy to take on a hike, flight or in the car.

We’ve ordered the recipes by breakfast, lunch, and snacks – but many of them can easily be interchanged, for instance egg muffins are just as good for lunch as they are for breakfast. We’ve included kid-friendly, nut-free, and high-energy snacks for active people.

Some of these recipes require preparation and cooking, but you can always make a large batch and store in individual servings so it’s easy to grab a portion when you’re running out the door.

Egg Muffins with Onion, Salami and Haloumi from Eat Drink Paleo


Eggs Baked with Halloumi & Tomato Sofrito from Eat Drink Paleo

paleo baked eggs

Bacon and Egg Cupcakes from I Quit Sugar


Muesli, granola and chia puddings

Muesli, granola and chia puddings make a great portable breakfast – especially if you prepare everything the night before. When I used to work in an office, I was always in a rush in the mornings so I’d make bircher muesli in a glass jar in the evening and eat it at my desk the next morning. I still make this muesli often, however now that I work from home I get to enjoy it at my kitchen table!

Bircher Muesli from Teresa Cutter (nut free)

To reduce the sweetness in this recipe I like to replace the fruit juice with nut milk or water and leave out the dried fruit. I don’t mind a little yogurt, but if you are avoiding dairy this is really good with coconut yogurt or coconut cream.

Coconut and Chia Pudding from The Healthy Foodie


This delicious pudding is another breakfast quickie – just pop everything into a jar the night before and leave in the fridge overnight.

Our Favourite Paleo Granola from Eat Drink Paleo


Paleo Granola with Oven-dried Strawberries from Eat Drink Paleo


Homemade granola may take a little time to make, but it is totally worth it. Granola makes a quick breakfast – throw a portion in a jar with some nut milk, coconut cream or yogurt when you’re on the go. Or eat dry as a snack – perfect for the plane or car, or on a hiking trip.

For a lower fructose granola, simply reduce or omit the dried fruit and sweetener – it will still be yummy!

Granola bars

Granola bars are great for breakfast on the run; they make a nutrient dense, high energy workout snack; and they are lunch box friendly. Here are some of our favourite paleo muesli bar recipes, including nut free and low fructose options.


Smoothies are super quick to make and can easily be toted around in a glass jar when you’re on the go.

For a complete meal, include protein powder or add a side of protein (like a boiled egg, beef jerky, sliced turkey, chicken, salmon or ham).

15 of our favourite Paleo shakes, frappes, and smoothies

Paleo bread

A slice or two of Paleo friendly bread can be taken just about anywhere! Pre-make, pre-slice and freeze servings so you can quickly grab some when you’re on the go.

Paleo Banana Bread from Eat Drink Paleo


Try a slice of ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Paleo’ Banana Bread with some butter or creamed coconut for breakfast or a snack.

Jalapeño Coconut Bread with Chipotle Butter from Eat Drink Paleo


For more Paleo bread recipes see our list of The Best Paleo Bread Recipes

Zucchini Ham & Sun-dried Tomato Savoury Muffins from Eat Drink Paleo


Savoury Egg Meatmuffins from The Healthy Foodie 


Salad rolls

Colourful and nutrient packed, salad wraps or nori rolls are perfect for lunch or a snack on the go.

Rainbow Rolls from Dianne Sanfilippo of Balanced Bites


Vegetable Nori Wraps with Sunflower Dipping Sauce from Gourmande in the Kitchen


Fish cakes

I like to make some quick fritters by combining a tin of salmon or tuna with an egg, a grated carrot or zucchini, and some herbs and then frying in coconut oil. Perfect as a high protein snack, or serve with a salad for a larger meal. You can’t really go wrong with this simple combination, but there are plenty of recipes out there, like this yummy one:

Spicy Tuna Cakes from NomNom Paleo


Salad in a jar

Our favourite healthy salad recipes that you can pack layered in a mason jar are perfect to take to the office or on a trip.


Another good combination is roasted sweet potato chunks, rare roast beef, and steamed green beans, or roast chicken, red pepper slices, with a side of berries and nuts – you won’t even need a fork!

Soup in a jar

Soup also travels well in a jar – try one of our delicious Paleo soup recipes.

Burgers, meatloaf, and meatballs

Next time you make burgers, meatloaf or meatballs, why not make a larger batch and keep some in the freezer for the perfect high protein, low carb, and budget friendly snack on the go. Try them with some veggies like cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, coconut flakes and green apple.

Check out these 20 Awesome Paleo Burger Recipes, 10 Mouth-watering Paleo Meatball Recipes, and these 40 Paleo Meatloaf Recipes.


Eggs are for anytime of day really, and boiled eggs make the perfect portable protein.

Peel and eat them on their own, with a banana or some berries and nuts, or combine with some veggies – a favourite combination is sliced radish and mayo. Keep a batch of hard boiled eggs in the fridge.

Crustless quiche from Evolved Paleo


Frittata with Red Capsicum, Chorizo, and Tomatoes from Eat Drink Paleo

paleo omelette


This delicious dried meat snack is high in protein and perfect for travelling. If buying from the store look for one free of nitrates and artificial preservatives. Enjoy a few slices with a handful of macadamia nuts or hazelnuts.

How to Make Your Own Jerky by Mark’s Daily Apple


Veggie sticks with dip

Try carrot, celery, cucumber, red peppers, fennel, celeriac or lightly steamed green beans with guacamole, salsa, or one of these Paleo dips:

Babaganoush from Eat Drink Paleo


Paleo Almond Hummus (legume free) from Eat Drink Paleo


Paleo crackers and dip

When veggie sticks won’t cut it, try some homemade Paleo crackers with your favourite dip

Tahini and Wholegrain Mustard Crackers from Eat Drink Paleo

paleo_crackers (1 of 1)

Smoked salmon and cucumber

Slice a cucumber and top with smoked salmon. Simple and delicious.

Cold meats

I’m not talking nasty preservative laden deli meats here, I mean a few slices of leftover roast chicken, good quality ham off the bone or salami. You can wrap those over radishes, red peppers, zucchini or cucumber.

Tinned fish – sardines, sustainable salmon or tuna

Tinned fish is a great protein hit to keep in your desk drawer at work. To make it a little more interesting, combine with a little good quality mayonnaise and wrap in lettuce leaves with gherkins or olives.

White albacore tuna with pickles and pepper by @nocookpaleo


Seeds and nuts

A small handful of seeds and nuts is a great snack. Remember that nuts should be enjoyed in moderation, so limit them to about 30gm per day. Keep it raw and simple, or try these yummy Red Chilli and Kaffir Lime Toasted Almonds from Eat Drink Paleo.


Nut or seed butter

For a satiating protein hit, try almond, macadamia, cashew, tahini, or sunflower butter. Again, don’t go nuts on the quantity but enjoy a little smeared over a celery stick or sliced apple.

Baked veggie chips

For a much healthier alternative to potato chips, make your own crunchy and nutritious baked vegetable chips. You can use many different vegetables – try sweet potato, plantain, zucchini, parsnip, beetroot, radish or carrot.

Sweet Potato Chips from Eat Drink Paleo


Plantain chips from The Merrymaker Sisters

Sweet treats

Bliss balls or energy balls are a great snack for busy kids or as a sweet treat. There are many recipes available online, for something a bit different try our Apricot and Lavender Energy Balls.


Maple and Sesame Apple Crisps from Eat Drink Paleo

These are perfect nut free treats for the kids lunch boxes, or to take hiking or in the car. Leave out the maple syrup for a lower fructose content.


Toasted coconut chips are crunchy with a hint of sweetness – another nut free option for kids lunch boxes, and a great snack on the go to satisfy that sweet spot. You can buy coconut flakes already toasted from the store, but it’s simple to make your own – just bake in a moderate oven for a couple of minutes, turning to prevent burning. For something a little different try these:

Savoury Coconut Flakes from Our Paleo Life


Do you have a favourite healthy snack to eat when you’re on the go? Share your ideas and experiences below.


This tasty compilation was crafted by Melanie Charters who is a member of the Eat Drink Paleo team. Learn more about our team here.

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