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Paleo sweet potato rosti with egg

Egg Over Spiced Sweet Potato & Tahini Cucumber

Recipe: Egg Over Spiced Sweet Potato & Tahini Cucumber Today our breakfast was inspired by my favourite Middle Eastern flavours – cumin, paprika, sesame, coriander, mint and lemon. I wanted to make something different to our regular egg omelettes and salads and figured a little sweet potato will give us lots of energy for an


Forshmak Deconstructed Salad – The Tastiest Way With Canned Sardines

I know a lot of you find paleo lunches a little challenging. You want something fat, easy, inexpensive and nutritious but there aren’t always many options around. I want to share this meal idea because it’s one of my regular paleo lunches and it ticks a lot of those boxes. I also I hope that


20-Minute Paleo Meals: Red Curry Snapper & Ginger Honey Carrots

Recipe: Red Curry Snapper & Ginger Honey Carrots You want it and you need it so I’m giving it to you – 20 minutes paleo meals! I’m starting the series with a super simple, tasty and nutritious fish dish you can prepare for one, two or for the whole family. The recipes in this series


20 Minute Paleo Meals: BLT Salad with Prawns & Avocado

Recipe: BLT salad with prawns & avocado I like to think of this salad as a deconstructed BLT sandwich where bread has been replaced with more nutritious and tastier prawns and avocado. It’s my regular go-to lunch or a dinner on those nights when I don’t feel like spending too much time in the kitchen. Super easy

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