I used Gumroad platform to sell and delivery my eBooks to my customers. It’s a very secure platform that supports all major credit cards and Paypal. Here are some simple steps for purchasing and downloading my eBooks.

My eBooks are formatted as PDF files. These are similar to any other .pdf files you are used to reading. They can be opened on any computer, tablet or smartphone. You may need to install one of the free applications available for reading/viewing PDF files, such Adobe Reader (Android device or your laptop) or iBooks (should be on your iOS device already).

All of my eBooks are designed as A4 pages so you can easily print them out for your reading convenience.

Download Adobe Reader for Android here

How to put your eBooks on your Amazon Kindle

If you’re still having problems after following these instructions, please email me at eatdrinkpaleo@gmail.com and I can try to help you out.


  1. Click the Buy button on the main sales page. You will get to the below payment form. Enter your correct email (this is where you we send your receipt and download links) and your credit card details. You can also use Paypal. For most of my eBooks I charge in USD dollars as my audience is very international. Please note the total amount below before you pay. Some countries require additional sales tax/vat, which is automatically calculated and added to your the final amount. I don’t get that money, it’s sorted all sorted by Gumroad. Press Pay button to continue.

2) Once your payment goes through, you will see the following receipt. It shows you what you’ve paid and displays an option to view the product right away. You can click View product to get to the download links for your eBook and any other files included in your purchase. If you have a Gumroad reading app, you can use Open in App option. You will also see a little message from me with any additional notes and instructions.

Please note, that you will also receive an email with your download links, so don’t worry if you close this screen – you will still get to your files via email.

3) Once you click View product button, you will be taken to this screen (it might look a little different on your mobile device). Press Download all to get below files downloaded to your laptop or device. If downloading to your smartphone or tablet, I recommend to Download one file at a time, so you can save it to the relevant application on your device.

If you have a Gumroad reading app installed on your device, you can click Read button to open the PDF right there and then. Personally, I prefer Adobe Reader or iBooks app for reading the PDFs.


Below screenshots are taken on an iPhone but they will look similarly on an Android device.

Step 1. Open you email inbox. Look for an email with ‘You bought Salad A Day….’ in the subject line. Check your Spam/Junk if you can’t see it. Open the email

Step 2. Press View product to get to your download links.

Step 3. Click on the file you want to download.

Step 4. Press Download button. Press Read if you have the Gumroad app installed. I recommend downloading and reading the files using iBooks or Adobe Reader app.

Step 5. Once downloaded (this might take a minute depending on your internet speed), the file will open in your browser (such as Safari on the iPhone). You will see two options at the top More or Open in ‘iBooks’. Click to Open in iBooks and this will automatically save the eBook to your iBooks library. Click More… to get to  other options.

Step 5B. If not using iBooks, you can select another application such as Adobe Reader or you might want to save the file to iCloud.

Here are more instruction on how to download and open PDFs on an Android device.

You can also store the PDFs in your Dropbox or Google Drive and open from there.