Sweet Potato & Beef Sliders

I love food in small packages – it’s cute and always tastes really good. I think it’s because the flavours and textures of the ingredients are already perfectly combined in each mouthful. Today’s sweet potato and beef sliders are a paleo friendly version of the regular burger bun sliders that are so popular at cocktail parties. But

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Top 30 Paleo Mince Meat Recipes

Whether it’s beef, lamb or chicken, ground up or mince meat is one of the most popular proteins to cook with. The reason is simple – it’s better value and you can often buy it in bulk for a very good price. So what do you do with all that bulk purchased mince meat? I know

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Paleo Scotch Eggs

Paleo Scotch Eggs – Guest Recipe

If you haven’t read our Paleo Journeys interview with Emma of Paleo with Mrs P, check it out now. Diagnosed with diabetes just before her eighteenth birthday, Emma shares her story of how a paleo diet calmed her symptoms, as well as making her feel happier and healthier. Her website Paleo with Mrs P is dedicated to simple, healthy,

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Mustard Beef & Bacon Burgers with Red Cabbage Coleslaw

Recipe: Mustard Beef Burgers with Red Cabbage Coleslaw I don’t have much to stay about these burgers except that they were totally awesome and got a massive tick of approval from my boyfriend. There are so many variations to a burger and I’ve always liked the coleslaw beef burger combo. You can use white or red cabbage in

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