20 Awesome Paleo Burger Recipes

Paleo burgers are packed with protein, they are low carb, and budget friendly. We’ve assembled a list of our favourite Paleo hamburger recipes using a range of meats including beef, lamb, chicken, pork, seafood, turkey, kangaroo, and buffalo. If you can’t find good quality grass-fed mince, you can always grind your own using a food processor.

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Quick Kale & Chicken Tortilla Soup (sin tortillas)

If you’ve ever been to a Tex Mex joint or travelled through California or Texas, you would have seen a tortilla soup on the menu. Although nobody is quite sure of its origins, this hearty and zesty soup has become a bit of a darling of Mexican fusion cuisine. The purists will have to forgive me but

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West African Chicken Stew From Well Fed 2

Recipe: West African Chicken Stew From Well Fed 2 Forget the dinner plan you had for tonight. Go get some chicken thighs and all of the below ingredients and make yourself this rich, hearty, spicy, warm chicken stew. The recipe comes from Melissa Joulwan’s new cookbook Well Fed 2 and she personally recommended that I

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20 Minute Paleo Meals: Marjoram & Tomato Chicken Skewers

Recipe: 20 Minute Paleo Meals: Marjoram Chicken Skewers This quick and easy meal will please both kids and grown-ups. Chicken is marinated in a tasty mixture of marjoram, tomato and garlic and served with a side of green salad and broccoli. I used chicken tenderloins because the meat is very succulent and soft but chicken

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Prawn & Chorizo Paleo Spanish Rice

Recipe: Prawn & Chorizo Faux Spanish Rice This recipe is inspired by the traditional Spanish rice dish known by most of you as paella. Cauliflower is processed into rice like kernels and flavoured with traditional Spanish flavours of red peppers, garlic, olive oil, chilli, paprika, a little saffron and lots of tasty protein such as

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