Kohlrabi Chicken & Pear Salad

Move over kale and cauliflower, it’s time for a new superfood star – kohlrabi. It’s one of the latest darlings in the health conscious culinary world so you’ll be seeing more and more recipes featuring this nutritious vegetable. I used it to make this tasty, crunchy kohlrabi salad with grilled chicken, pear, walnuts and a creamy dressing. It’s

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Beetroot & Pumpkin Salad with Oregano Garlic Chicken

A while ago I did a survey with my readers (you guys) about what you wanted more of. One of the top requests was for simple, quick and delicious paleo meals. Yes, you can find many delicious dishes on my blog already, but I haven’t really done many ‘complete’ meals – the protein, the sides, well

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Crispy Shredded Chinese Chicken – Guest Recipe

Today I’m excited to feature my guest contributor ChihYu Smith’s recipe for Chinese crispy, shredded chicken made especially for EDP. ChihYu is the recipe developer, photographer, and writer behind the blog I Heart Umami – a recipe site that teaches people how to cook Asian-inspired paleo cuisine and I think you will really enjoy this lovely stir-fry

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