Yes, thank you! Thank you to all my readers, fellow foodies, cooks, health and nutrition nuts, and web nerds for visiting my site and trying my recipes.

Thank you everyone who’s been supporting me since I quit my job to take on this adventure of starting and building Eat Drink Paleo. My flatmates for giving me honest feedback on everything I cook; my beautiful partner for making me feel confident and secure; my friends and family for sharing and re-tweeting my posts when nobody else will.

The biggest thank you has to go to friends who helped me build my new website. Marcus Stenbeck and Maria Granadino from Binalogue – you are the most amazing web wizards and I owe you a massive dinner party, thank you for all your hard work on building the new website. Carla Hackett – thank you darling for you magic skills with hand lettering, illustration, branding and art direction advice from the moment we started brainstorming ideas. Thank you Danielle Szetho and Simon Wright for giving me a hand with design and providing your constructive feedback along the way.

I hope I haven’t left anyone out and if I have, thank you too!